Small pets and animals for sale in LaFayette, LA

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Reaper and Lilly are female Guinea pigs around the same age ( months). I am selling the of them together the play pen the food dishes a water bottle and large pieces of felt to reuse and keep them warm. If you are interested I would recommend that you have previous knowledge or experience with Guinea pigs. They are sweet and active girls. While Lilly is a cuddler and more laid back Reaper is mo...
Reaper (months) and Lilly (months) are sweet little girls who need a little cuddling and TLC. I am selling them with their pen food dish and water bottle along with felt blankets to keep them warm. They are definitely spoiled. Reaper is the eater and Lilly is the cuddler. Their favorite foods are carrots banana peels green onions spinach and lettuce. A main source of nutrition for them is Timot...
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